The Landing Page Cookbook — A Practical Manual for Startups, Marketers & Designers Who Want to Create Better Landing Pages Faster

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Zip through the landing page creation process with a step-by-step system that guides you to better results than ever — for less than the price of a landing page theme (think about that before you spend any money there...).

The Landing Page Cookbook is a 252-page hands-on ebook (just an ebook for now :-)) that will get you from n00b to master when it comes to landing pages. By providing you with a simple step-by-step system that goes through each element of a good landing page and feeding you with examples you can easily re-use, you will work faster and get much better results.

The Landing Page Cookbook was the Product Hunt #1 Product of the Day on October 9th, 2017.

Here's How You Cook Yourself A Badass Landing Page

This book is meant to be used a manual you keep handy as you design your landing page.

For each of the 15 essential ingredients of a landing page (logo, navigation, headlines, hero images, benefits, features, you name it), you will get:

  • A quick guide showing you why that ingredient matters. No need to read a whole book about each of them — you'll get the gist and the best practices so you can understand how to judge whether you're doing good or not.


  • A catalogue of patterns and examples (over 128 patterns and 500+ examples in the book) you can easily reuse for your own landing page, taken from some of the most beautiful and successful pages around.

As you go through the book, you'll collect all the ingredients you need to put together on your landing page. Since they're organized in logical order, when you're done leafing through the book, most of your work will be done.

Want to go faster? You can have one of our "pre-cooked meals", giving you ideas for what ingredients to put on your landing page depending on the kind of product you're selling (software as a service, desktop application, physical product, book, mobile app, etc.). 

If You Only Read ONE Thing About Landing Pages, Read This Book

Here's why this book is the best on the subject:

  • Teaches the underlying sales & marketing principles: Landing pages are special web pages because their goal is to sell people on something (a product, an idea, whatever). To do that, you need to understand the underlying principles — the reasons why you need to use particular ingredients like headlines, testimonials, benefits, features, and so on. For each ingredient you'll get a brief summary of the most important points to understand, and a ton of examples.

  • Not just theory — design the page as you go: Theory alone won't be enough, however. That's why the book is broken down into steps that will take you through the process of creating a landing page from top to bottom — or from headline to footer. By giving you examples from successful businesses, you will be able to quickly copy and change patterns to suit your needs.

  • No conflict of interest: Most advice about landing pages you'll find on the web is given by people who sell landing page tools. That's a conflict of interest. I'll show you principles that are applicable to all landing pages, regardless of the tools you end up using (I'll show you many of them and explain their pros and cons so you can choose what suits you best).

  • Endless examples ready for re-use: the book contains over 500 illustrations taken from landing pages of all kinds created by some of the most successful companies around. You'll learn (and steal) from the best, as examples come from established businesses (Apple, Stripe, Nest, Tim Ferris, and so on).

The Landing Page Cookbook Is Ideal For 

  • Startups : you need a good landing page if you want people to understand your product, let alone buy it. The cookbook will teach you the fundamental principles and help you assemble everything you need to create a landing page that your product deserves.

  • Marketers : creating lots and lots of landing pages can get tiring. With the cookbook, you can find endless ideas for new combinations and whip out as many landing pages as you want for your A/B tests.

  • Designers : design alone may not be enough to sell landing pages. The cookbook will explain the sales and marketing patterns that go beyond the surface, so you get a deeper grasp of the subject and create better pages.

If you've been thinking about revamping your landing page lately, this it the best tool you could ask for.

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The Landing Page Cookbook — A 252-page ebook in PDF & iBooks formats.

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The Landing Page Cookbook — A Practical Manual for Startups, Marketers & Designers Who Want to Create Better Landing Pages Faster

14 ratings
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